why i decided to have my kids share a room…and how i made the transition

I’m not sure why I never thought to have the boys share a room before, because it has honestly been a dream. We just hit one month of two boys in one room, and no complaints. Clearly, I’m not an expert, nor do I know what I’m doing 100% 50% of the time. I try to play it cool for Jason during big transitions and milestones, but truth be told, I was scared shitless for this one, curated nightmare scenarios in my head and almost talked myself out of doing it at all. Although I had only heard good things from those who had kids that shared a room, you never know what is actually going to happen when you change your kids routine. The boys are rocking it though, and I’m casually high-fiving myself.

Why the sudden change? Although many have guessed that I am pregnant, I’m bummed to announce that this is not the case. (Jason is a jerk and still won’t agree to babe #3. I’m working on it though. Believe that.) My reasoning, I suppose, was that our bedtime routine had become about as enjoyable as a trip to the dentist. Lincoln was refusing to stay asleep in his own bed, and Wyatt was straight up refusing to go to sleep all together. I figured they could both use a change, and that’s how I made the ultimate decision.

What did we do? Normally, I would completely avoid making a big deal about any transition that is happening, unless your child would benefit from it. For Lincoln’s sake, I did explain that mommy and daddy were going to move his brothers crib in his room, and they would be having sleep overs from now on. Lincoln does not do well with change (like father, like son) and I wanted to avoid any meltdowns.  But overall, I try not to share too much with the boys. Lincoln seemed really excited about it, and with that, we moved Wyatt’s crib into his room. We made the change in the morning. We figured we could test it out at nap time, and revert back to ‘normal’ if all hell broke loose. I’d rather f*ck up nap time, than bed time. Just my personal opinion.  To my surprise, Lincoln did not mention a thing, rather Wyatt was a little upset. It took a few “it’s okay, this is your new room. It’s time to take a nap…” for Wyatt to calm down. But, after about 20 minutes, they were both snoring, and I was doing a happy dance.

Bed time that first night, went better than I could have imagined. Wyatt was so excited to finally be able to join Lincoln with his bed time stories and prayers. I knew he was feeling left out, and perhaps I was continuing with his ‘baby’ bedtime routine because I wasn’t ready to let it go. I miss rocking my baby to sleep, but seeing the boys share their bedtime routine, melts my friggen heart.

Here is a little glimpse at our new normal…

Nap: If Wyatt is extremely tired, there are days where he will go down for a nap around 1 or 1:30. Lincoln cannot nap before 2. I don’t even try anymore. So on the days that Wyatt goes to sleep earlier, Lincoln knows he needs to be very quiet. Neither of the boys really have a “routine” at nap time. I’ve always just put them in bed, given them a kiss, and walked out. I didn’t change any of that when they moved into the same room. On days where they go down at the same time, sometimes there are little noises + giggles. But they are both usually asleep within 5-10 minutes.

Bed: We decided that when we moved the boys in together, we would also push bedtime back. 7pm just wasn’t working for us anymore, and it was too much of a struggle. We both knew that a later bedtime was coming, but we were avoiding it like the plague. (We enjoy our evenings together, judge us. I dare you.) The boys now go to bed at 8pm, and although we lost an hour of quiet time, we gained a (mostly) stress free bedtime routine. Bath is around 7:15. By 8pm, we have two boys who are tired enough, but not too tired. Because, trying to get an overly tired kid to sleep, is harder than sneaking past your parents when you get home drunk your junior year of high school. And that is no easy task. Trust me on this one.

In the near future, Wyatt will be throwing deuces to his crib, and using a big boy bed. I still haven’t figured out exactly when that will happen, or what the layout of the room will look like. But, my initial thought is that we will move the boys back into Wyatt’s room (it’s bigger and has a huge closet) and purchase a trundle-bed. Bunk beds scare the crap out of me, at least for now. Right now, I’m just enjoying the fact that Wyatt adores his crib, and I’m certainly not pushing for that to change. I love the current situation, and  I only wish I had done it sooner!!