A sh*tty situation…

Lincoln crapped in the tub.  Sorry for the lack of intro, but seriously, I’m still trying to get over what happened, forgive me.  Besides, is there even a nice way to say that your child took a dump while taking a bath?  Didn’t think so. Continue reading A sh*tty situation…

Nothing worse than a sick baby..

Correction. There are in fact worse things than a sick baby. Two sick babies for instance.  Teething, virus, who the hell knows. What I do know is that I’m about 2 seconds away from calling it quits.  Hey little humans…SLEEP! I promise it will make you feel better, AND it will ensure that I don’t sell you on the black market while daddy is at work. Continue reading Nothing worse than a sick baby..

Who is she?

Being a mom is hard. Like, really hard. And not for the reasons everyone assumes. Yes, getting little to no sleep the last 2+ years has been an adjustment. Yes, constantly changing diapers & trying to keep up with housework can be challenging. But the hard I’m talking about, can’t be seen. The hard I’m talking about lives inside. The overly critical, selfless, perfectionist, who grows inside any woman called “mom.”  For me, she reared her ugly face after having Wyatt.  I had witnessed glimpses of her when Lincoln was born, but she kept herself hidden until recently. Continue reading Who is she?

Holy crap, I did it!!!

Oh. Em. Gee! I can’t believe I am sitting here and typing up my first blog post. This year has been a doozy, and I thought now was as good a time as any to start blogging.  I know I know, every millennial and their BFF has a blog these days, how am I going to set myself apart from the millions of others?  To be honest, I didn’t put much thought into that.  I just planned on being myself, and being 100% honest with you guys.  I hope that my authenticity and transparency is enough to hook, line, and sinker…sink you? Whatever. You know what I mean.  This is going to be a place where I share my stories, my day to day, my real life.  If I have questions, I am going to ask, likewise, if you guys have questions for me, I invite you to ask!  I am here to connect with other moms, soon to be moms, those thinking of having children, heck, anyone willing to read and connect with me is someone I’d like to get to know! Continue reading Holy crap, I did it!!!