a sleeping toddler | feat. dock-a-tot

If you are preggo, or know someone who is expecting, you need to get your hands on a Dock-A-Tot. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Dock-A-Tot is a multi-functional lounger, co-sleeper and playtime lounger. It’s perfect for diaper changes, nap time, and even tummy time! They come in two sizes; Deluxe + Grand. The Deluxe is appropriate for babies 0-8 months while the Grand is ideal for your 9-36 month olds. I was skeptical of the Dock-A-Tot obsession. Not going to lie. BUT, they were kind enough to send me my very own Dock-A-Tot Grand to try out. I never thought it would be so helpful with Lincoln’s transition into his toddler bed, but I’m so glad we have it now!To say Lincoln is obsessed with it, is an under statement. Until we had our Dock-A-Tot, I used to roll up a blanket, and place it under his sheets to ensure he wouldn’t fall out of bed…{Even though is bed has rails, he still manages to weasel his way out of bed and onto the floor} As soon as I put the Dock-A-Tot in his bed, he completely fell in love with it, and screamed bloody murder when I took it downstairs to use for Wyatt. On rough days, where nap time is a struggle, I am now able to put in on my bed for him, and he sleeps peacefully, and safely.

Initially, I had planned to use it for Wyatt, but I’m pleasantly surprised to say that it’s become a necessity for Lincoln. As he’s grown, he’s been more interested in napping in different places {other than his bed.} I can bring the Dock-A-Tot into his teepee,  put it on my bed, or just have it on the floor downstairs, and he snuggles up and is more than content. I personally have no issue with him napping outside of his room, so the Dock-A-Tot has really come in handy for me.

A bonus of having the Dock-A-Tot now, is being able to bring it with us whenever Lincoln sleeps at my parents or in-laws. It’s such a nice addition to have for both of our parents, and will make nap time and bed time that much easier for him {hopefully}. Not to mention, when I convince Jason that babe #3 is in fact happening…we will be all set with a  cozy spot to plop the cutie down on.

Visit https://dockatot.com to see all the adorable patterns they offer!

*I received my Dock-A-Tot Grand compliments of Dock-A-Tot. But, as always, all opinions are my own. I only share my favorite products with you!

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