Shop Penelope Giveaway!!!

I am thrilled to be teaming up with Megan, fellow momma, and owner of Shop Penelope.  One lucky follower will receive a $25 shop credit to Shop Penelope, one of my FAVORITE small shops.  She just dropped her fall line, so this is perfect timing for you to grab some goodies while they’re hot!  Before we get to the rules though…read my sappy note about Megan and her precious shop.

There are countless small shops that I’d work with in a heartbeat, but Megan and her shop will always hold a special place in my wallet heart.  Shop Penelope was the first shop that the boys were chosen to rep for, and there my crazy idea to start a blogging blossomed.  So, thank YOU Megan, for giving the boys and I the opportunity to start working with you! These last few months repping for you have been a blast and I have so enjoyed seeing your shop grow!  You are beyond talented and I feel blessed to have crossed paths with you.

A little bit about Megan & Shop Penelope: Megan is a SAHM of 3 babes.  Her love for creating is evident in each and every piece she handcrafts.  She has a knack for choosing the greatest fabrics, and her simple, vintage style is timeless, making for some amazing one of a kind ensembles.  Shop Penelope, just 6 months new, is named after her youngest babe, sweet little Penelope.  She blows her competition out of the water, and I know she will continue to do great things!

Giveaway Rules! Here’s the lowdown.  In order to be in the running to receive a $25
shop credit to Shop Penelope, you MUST complete the following…and yes, Megan and I will both be checking.  So go home cheaters!

1. You MUST be following @storyofaboymom & @shop.penelope on Instagram
2. Like our giveaway posts on Instagram & tag a friend in the comments (this will be your entry.) You can tag multiple friends for more entries. *Optional—repost this image for an ADDITIONAL 10 entries!
3. Subscribe to my blog!

That’s it! Giveaway will run from 8/14-8/18 & the winner will be announced the following day!  Thank you in advance to everyone who enters, and remember, #shopsmall & #supporthandmade.

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