Nothing worse than a sick baby..

Correction. There are in fact worse things than a sick baby. Two sick babies for instance.  Teething, virus, who the hell knows. What I do know is that I’m about 2 seconds away from calling it quits.  Hey little humans…SLEEP! I promise it will make you feel better, AND it will ensure that I don’t sell you on the black market while daddy is at work.

Truth?  Sick kids suck.  They don’t sleep, they don’t know how to blow their nose, they don’t warn you before the projectile vomit, and they’re moody AF.  Not to mention that I HATE fevers.  As if dealing with sick children isn’t enough, now I have resentment toward my 2-year-old for catching a cold.  Hashtag, I’m pathetic.  In all seriousness, this is the first time Lincoln has been sick since the seizure, so I think I’m allowed to be nervous, right?  Right.

I laugh when I think back to the first time Lincoln got sick.  I was right there to wipe every boogie gently from his nose, I rocked him to sleep and sat still, so as to not wake him up.  Fast forward to yesterday & using my pillow case to wipe snot off  the boys’ faces because I was so effing tired that trying to find anything resembling a tissue was just too much.  We may or may not be watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse all day, everyday, both on the tv, and the iPad…simultaneously.  Go ahead, judge me.  I’m not ashamed.  I’m in survival mode here.  Wyatt won’t nap, but doesn’t want to be awake.  Lincoln has sneezed so many times, he has to be close to a world record.  And the snot rockets that fly from his nose with each sneeze..pretty impressive, to be honest.

Good news is, I think we’re on the up and up.  At least that is what I’ve been telling myself.  I have to find motivation somewhere.  Oh, and I say we, because I feel like someone has been using my skull as a punching bag, not that it makes a difference, since Jason is sick now too.  Do I even need to go into detail about what happens when a husband gets sick?  Didn’t think so.  I’ll be sure to post funeral arrangements. Until then, pray for us.

7 thoughts on “Nothing worse than a sick baby..”

  1. You’ll get through it my friend, as you always do. You have to go through these nightmares to fully appreciate the joys and how wonderful they are. Hang in there! ❤️

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  2. I don’t know if I feel so much if what you feel and that’s why I cry over your posts or I am just so proud you are my little sister that st many times I actually look at you as my older sister because you have come so damn far over the years I just am so proud of you!! Love you with all I have in my heart and totally love these blogs!!! ❤️❤️

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  3. What’s your recommendation for the best and easiest to use thermometer? I have an Exergen temporal artery thermometer and it just seems more complicated to get a proper reading than it should be. I haven’t had to use it too much in the past 8 months, but with a palate surgery in the near future I should probably learn how to use my baby thermometer 😅.

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    1. I know a lot of people swear by the temporal artery thermometers, but I have never used one, so I’m not help when it comes to how accurate they are…I have Braun ThermoScan Eat thermometer. We got it from Target I think, but if you google it, I know a lot of places cary it. I love it. It’s easy to use and I always get accurate readings. Hope that helps, momma! ❤


      1. Thanks for the recommendation! I was wondering how accurate the ear thermometers are, they just seem easier to use. Maybe I’ll go that route 👍🏻

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