A life with boogers, bugs, and penises…

about as accurate as life with boys can get. Throw in farts, blood, bruises and dinosaur noises, and that about covers all the bases.

For those who do not already know me, my name is Caitlyn. A newly 31 year old, mother of 2.5 boys, living it up in the suburbs of Chicago. Surviving motherhood with a little sarcasm, Taco Bell, and online shopping. My husband is the most patient man that walks the earth. He supports every crazy request I’ve ever thrown at him, and has accepted the horribly honest truth that I share here on the good ole’ world wide web.

This blog is a place for me. A spot I can come to share whatever is on my mind. Sometimes its Martha Stewart style recipes, other times it’s emotional rubbage that most likely makes no sense.




If you have kids, we are forever connected. Girls, boys, young, old. We are part of a special club that binds us for a lifetime, and that is pretty damn cool. If I’ve experienced it, odds are, you’ve succumb to a version of it yourself. There is nothing too personal, too gross, to odd. There is no such thing in the world of moms.



My person, he is simply the best. I share some of the bad, not too much. Because after all, we each have our own demons, and no one wants to spend their time hearing about my marital issues.img_2557

But I assure they, they do exist. We are constantly working to better ourselves. Sometimes it’s easier said than done. We balance each other out, push each other to learn and grow, and see things differently. Like motherhood, it’s a never ending journey of finding yourself and trying to be better.